About Page

Our Mission is to Honor and Glorify God

In every moment in our lives, God is at work and we want to give others the opportunity to reflect on this by keeping His Word a part of our daily lives. We love providing Bible verses to inspire, uplift, humble and ground you during your busy day.

The Bible is a Precious Gift

The average person searches Google 52 times a day. However, some questions cannot be answered by Google. We want to make it easy for everyone to find those answers in the Bible. The world has been given the gift of the Bible to answer any of life’s questions. We encourage people to seek their answers in the Bible and find growth there. He has provided wisdom, counsel and meaning for every moment: in our pain, despair, or anger and in our joy and peace.

Romans 15 4

Share the Gospel

We also want to give you an opportunity to share the pure Gospel. My Bible Verse Photos and mobile apps allow you to share your faith with your friends and family and provide an opportunity to start a dialogue.

Please join us in reading, studying, memorizing and sharing the Bible every day as we are blessed with breath to declare His praise with thanksgiving and joy.

Ephesians 1 17 19