Daniel 11:10 References

10 "His sons will mobilize and assemble a multitude of great forces; and one of them will keep on coming and aoverflow and pass through, that he may again wage war up to his very fortress.

a Isaiah 8:8, Jeremiah 46:7, Jeremiah 46:8, Jeremiah 51:42, Daniel 11:26, Daniel 11:40

Isaiah 8

8 "Then ait will sweep on into Judah, it will overflow and pass through, It will breach even to the neck; And the spread of its wings will fill the breadth of your land, O cImmanuel.

Jeremiah 46

7 Who is this that arises like the Nile, Like the rivers whose waters surge about?

Jeremiah 46

8 Egypt rises like the Nile, Even like the rivers whose waters surge about; And He has said, "I will arise and cover that land; I will surely bdestroy the city and its inhabitants."

Jeremiah 51

42 "The asea has come up over Babylon; She has been engulfed with its tumultuous waves.

Daniel 11

26 "Those who eat his choice food will destroy him, and his army will aoverflow, but many will fall down slain.

Daniel 11

40 "At the aend time the bking of the South will collide with him, and the cking of the North will dstorm against him with chariots, with horsemen and with many ships; and he will enter countries, eoverflow them and pass through.