Deuteronomy 6:4 References

4 "aHear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the bLord is one!

b Deuteronomy 4:35, Deuteronomy 4:39, John 10:30, 1 Corinthians 8:4, Ephesians 4:6

Deuteronomy 4

35 "To you it was shown that you might know that the Lord, He is God; athere is no other besides Him.

Deuteronomy 4

39 "Know therefore today, and take it to your heart, that athe Lord, He is God in heaven above and on the earth below; there is no other.

John 10

30 "aI and the Father are one."

1 Corinthians 8

4 Therefore concerning the eating of athings sacrificed to idols, we know that there is bno such thing as an idol in the world, and that cthere is no God but one.

Ephesians 4

6 one God and Father of all awho is over all and through all and in all.

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