Exodus 22:25 References

25 "aIf you lend money to My people, to the poor among you, you are not to act as a creditor to him; you shall not charge him binterest.

a Leviticus 25:35-37, Deuteronomy 15:7-11

Leviticus 25

35 'aNow in case a countryman of yours becomes poor and his means with regard to you falter, then you are to sustain him, like a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with you.
36 'aDo not take usurious interest from him, but revere your God, that your countryman may live with you.
37 'You shall not give him your silver at interest, nor your food for gain.

Deuteronomy 15

7 "If there is aa poor man with you, one of your brothers, in any of your towns in your land which the Lord your God is giving you, byou shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand from your poor brother;
8 but ayou shall freely open your hand to him, and shall generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks.
9 "Beware that there is no base thought in your heart, saying, 'aThe seventh year, the year of remission, is near,' and byour eye is hostile toward your poor brother, and you give him nothing; then he cmay cry to the Lord against you, and it will be a sin in you.
10 "You shall generously give to him, and your heart shall not be grieved when you give to him, because afor this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all your undertakings.
11 "aFor the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore I command you, saying, 'You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.'