Isaiah 23:3 References

3 And were on many waters. aThe grain of the bNile, the harvest of the River was her revenue; And she was the cmarket of nations.

b Joshua 13:3, 1 Chronicles 13:5, Jeremiah 2:18

Joshua 13

3 from the Shihor which is east of Egypt, even as far as the border of Ekron to the north (it is counted as Canaanite); the afive lords of the Philistines: the Gazite, the Ashdodite, the Ashkelonite, the Gittite, the Ekronite; and the Avvite

1 Chronicles 13

5 aSo David assembled all Israel together, from the Shihor of Egypt even to the entrance of Hamath, bto bring the ark of God from Kiriath-jearim.

Jeremiah 2

18 "But now what are you doing aon the road to Egypt, To drink the waters of the bNile? Or what are you doing on the road to Assyria, To drink the waters of the Euphrates?

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