Isaiah 64:11 References

11 Our holy and beautiful ahouse, Where our fathers praised You, Has been burned by fire; And ball our precious things have become a ruin.

b Lamentations 1:7, Lamentations 1:10, Lamentations 1:11

Lamentations 1

7 In the days of her affliction and homelessness aJerusalem remembers all her precious things That were from the days of old, When her people fell into the hand of the adversary And bno one helped her. The adversaries saw her, They cmocked at her ruin.

Lamentations 1

10 The adversary has stretched out his hand Over all her precious things, For she has seen the anations enter her sanctuary, The ones whom You commanded That they should bnot enter into Your congregation.

Lamentations 1

11 All her people groan aseeking bread; They have given their precious things for food To brestore their lives themselves. "See, O Lord, and look, For I am cdespised."

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