Jeremiah 43:2 References

2 Azariah the ason of Hoshaiah, and Johanan the son of Kareah, and all the arrogant men said to Jeremiah, "You are btelling a lie! The Lord our God has not sent you to say, 'You are not to enter Egypt to reside there';

b 2 Chronicles 36:13, Isaiah 7:9, Jeremiah 5:12, Jeremiah 5:13, Jeremiah 42:5

2 Chronicles 36

13 aHe also rebelled against King Nebuchadnezzar who had made him swear allegiance by God. But bhe stiffened his neck and hardened his heart against turning to the Lord God of Israel.

Isaiah 7

9 and the head of Ephraim is Samaria and the head of Samaria is the son of Remaliah. aIf you will not believe, you surely shall not last."'"

Jeremiah 5

12 They have alied about the Lord And said, "bNot He; Misfortune will cnot come on us, And we dwill not see sword or famine.

Jeremiah 5

13 "The aprophets are as wind, And the word is not in them. Thus it will be done to them!"

Jeremiah 42

5 Then they said to Jeremiah, "May the aLord be a true and faithful witness against us if we do not act in accordance with the whole message with which the Lord your God will send you to us.

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