John 11:19 References

19 and many of athe Jews had come to bMartha and Mary, cto console them concerning their brother.

c 1 Samuel 31:13, 1 Chronicles 10:12, Job 2:11, John 11:31

1 Samuel 31

13 They took their bones and aburied them under bthe tamarisk tree at Jabesh, and cfasted seven days.

1 Chronicles 10

12 aall the valiant men arose and took away the body of Saul and the bodies of his sons and brought them to Jabesh, and they buried their bones under the oak in Jabesh, and fasted seven days.

Job 2

11 Now when Job's three friends heard of all this adversity that had come upon him, they came each one from his own place, Eliphaz the aTemanite, Bildad the bShuhite and Zophar the Naamathite; and they made an appointment together to come to csympathize with him and comfort him.

John 11

31 aThen the Jews who were with her in the house, and bconsoling her, when they saw that Mary got up quickly and went out, they followed her, supposing that she was going to the tomb to weep there.

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