Joshua 14:2 References

2 by the alot of their inheritance, as the Lord commanded through Moses, for the nine tribes and the half-tribe.

a Numbers 26:55, Numbers 33:54, Numbers 34:13

Numbers 26

55 "But the land shall be adivided by lot. They shall receive their inheritance according to the names of the tribes of their fathers.

Numbers 33

54 'aYou shall inherit the land by lot according to your families; to the larger you shall give more inheritance, and to the smaller you shall give less inheritance. Wherever the lot falls to anyone, that shall be his. You shall inherit according to the tribes of your fathers.

Numbers 34

13 So Moses commanded the sons of Israel, saying, "aThis is the land that you are to apportion by lot among you as a possession, which the Lord has commanded to give to the nine and a half tribes.