Luke 10:20 References

20 "Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that ayour names are recorded in heaven."

a Exodus 32:32, Psalms 69:28, Isaiah 4:3, Ezekiel 13:9, Daniel 12:1, Philippians 4:3, Hebrews 12:23, Revelation 3:5, Revelation 13:8, Revelation 17:8, Revelation 20:12, Revelation 20:15, Revelation 21:27

Exodus 32

32 "But now, if You will, forgive their sin--and if not, please blot me out from Your abook which You have written!"

Psalms 69

28 May they be ablotted out of the bbook of life And may they not be crecorded with the righteous.

Isaiah 4

3 It will come about that he who is aleft in Zion and remains in Jerusalem will be called bholy--everyone who is crecorded for life in Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 13

9 "So My hand will be against the aprophets who see false visions and utter lying divinations. They will have no place in the council of My people, bnor will they be written down in the register of the house of Israel, nor will they enter the land of Israel, that you may know that I am the Lord GOD.

Daniel 12

1 "Now at that time aMichael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. And there will be a btime of distress csuch as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the dbook, will be rescued.

Philippians 4

3 Indeed, true companion, I ask you also to help these women who have shared my struggle in the cause of the gospel, together with Clement also and the rest of my afellow workers, whose bnames are in the book of life.

Hebrews 12

23 to the general assembly and achurch of the firstborn who bare enrolled in heaven, and to God, cthe Judge of all, and to the dspirits of the righteous made perfect,

Revelation 3

5 'aHe who overcomes will thus be clothed in bwhite garments; and I will not cerase his name from the book of life, and dI will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.

Revelation 13

8 All who adwell on the earth will worship him, everyone bwhose name has not been written cfrom the foundation of the world in the dbook of life of ethe Lamb who has been slain.

Revelation 17

8 "aThe beast that you saw bwas, and is not, and is about to ccome up out of the dabyss and ego to destruction. And fthose who dwell on the earth, whose name has not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will wonder when they see the beast, that he was and is not and will come.

Revelation 20

12 And I saw the dead, the agreat and the small, standing before the throne, and bbooks were opened; and another book was opened, which is cthe book of life; and the dead awere judged from the things which were written in the books, daccording to their deeds.

Revelation 20

15 And if anyone's name was not found written in athe book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

Revelation 21

27 and anothing unclean, and no one who practices abomination and lying, shall ever come into it, but only those whose names are bwritten in the Lamb's book of life.