Psalms 23:2 References

2 He makes me lie down in agreen pastures; He bleads me beside cquiet waters.

a Psalms 65:11-13, Ezekiel 34:14

Psalms 65

11 You have crowned the year with Your abounty, And Your paths bdrip with fatness.
12 aThe pastures of the wilderness drip, And the bhills gird themselves with rejoicing.
13 The meadows are aclothed with flocks And the valleys are bcovered with grain; They cshout for joy, yes, they sing.

Ezekiel 34

14 "I will feed them in a agood pasture, and their grazing ground will be on the mountain heights of Israel. There they will lie down on good grazing ground and feed in brich pasture on the mountains of Israel.

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