He Is God Alone

He Is God Alone

In the good times and the bad He is on His throne. He is God Alone.

Psalm 103:19 "The Lord has established His throne in heaven,
And His kingdom rules over all"

Here is the doctrine of universal providence laid down, Psalm 103:19. He has secured the happiness of his peculiar people by promise and covenant, but the order of mankind, and the world in general, he secures by common providence. The Lord has a throne of his own, a throne of glory, a throne of government. He that made all rules all, and both by a word of power: He has prepared his throne, has fixed and established it that it cannot be shaken he has pre-ordained all the measures of his government and does all according to the counsel of his own will. He has prepared it in the heavens, above us, and out of sight for he holds back the face of his throne, and spreads a cloud upon it (Job 26:9) yet he can himself judge through the dark cloud, Job 22:13. Hence the heavens are said to rule (Daniel 4:26), and we are led to consider this by the influence which even the visible heavens have upon this earth, their dominion, Job 38:33; Genesis 1:16. But though God's throne is in heaven, and there he keeps his court, and thither we are to direct to him (Our Father who art in heaven), yet his kingdom rules over all. He takes cognizance of all the inhabitants, and all the affairs, of this lower world, and disposes all persons and things according to the counsel of his will, to his own glory (Daniel 4:35): His kingdom rules over all kings and all kingdoms, and from it there is no exempt jurisdiction. The duty of universal praise inferred from it: if all are under God's dominion, all must do him homage. - Matthew Henry

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