God Is Judge.

God Is Judge.

He shall judge the world in righteousness, and He shall administer judgment for the peoples in uprightness. Psalm 9:8 NKJV

There is no change of his being his felicity, power, and perfection, are out of the reach of all the combined forces of hell and earth they may put an end to our liberties, our privileges, our lives, but our God is still the same, and sits even upon the floods, unshaken, undisturbed, Psalm 29:10, Psalm 93:2.

With the thoughts of his sovereignty both in government and judgment: He has prepared his throne, has fixed it by his infinite wisdom, has fixed it by his immutable counsel. It is the great support and comfort of good people, when the power of the church's enemies is threatening and the posture of its affairs melancholy and perplexed, that God now rules the world and will shortly judge the world. 3. With the thoughts of his justice and righteousness in all the administrations of his government. He does all every day, he will do all at the last day, according to the eternal unalterable rules of equity (Psalm 9:8): He shall judge the world, all persons and all controversies, shall minister judgment to the people (shall determine their lot both in this and in the future state) in righteousness and in uprightness, so that there shall not be the least colour of exception against it.

With the thoughts of that peculiar favour which God bears to his own people and the special protection which he takes them under. The Lord, who endures for ever, is their everlasting strength and protection he that judges the world will be sure to judge for them, when at any time they are injured or distressed. - Matthew Henry

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