The Poor Shall Eat And Be Satisfied
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The Poor Shall Eat And Be Satisfied

The poor shall eat and be satisfied; Those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever! Psalm 22:26 NKJV

That all humble gracious souls should have a full satisfaction and happiness in him. It comforted the Lord Jesus in his sufferings that in and through him all true believers should have everlasting consolation.

The poor in spirit shall be rich in blessings, spiritual blessings; the hungry shall be filled with good things. Christ's sacrifice being accepted, the saints shall feast upon the sacrifice, as, under the law, upon the peace-offerings, and so partake of the altar: The meek shall eat and be satisfied, eat of the bread of life, feed with an appetite upon the doctrine of Christ's mediation, which is meat and drink to the soul that knows its own nature and case. Those that hunger and thirst after righteousness in Christ shall have all they can desire to satisfy them and make them easy, and shall not labour, as they have done, for that which satisfies not.

Those that are much in praying shall be much in thanksgiving: Those shall praise the Lord that seek him, because through Christ they are sure of finding him, in the hopes of which they have reason to praise him even while they are seeking him, and the more earnest they are in seeking him the more will their hearts be enlarged in his praises when they have found him.

The souls that are devoted to him shall be for ever happy with him: "Your heart shall live for ever. Yours that are meek, that are satisfied in Christ, that continue to seek God; what ever becomes of your bodies, your hearts shall live for ever; the graces and comforts you have shall be perfected in everlasting life. Christ has said, Because I live, you shall live also, (Jn. 14:19); and therefore that life shall be as sure and as long as his." - Matthew Henry

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