1 Therefore awhen we could endure it no longer, we thought it best to be left behind at bAthens alone, 2 and we sent aTimothy, our brother and God's fellow worker in the gospel of Christ, to strengthen and encourage you as to your faith, 3 so that no one would be disturbed by these afflictions; for you yourselves know that awe have been destined for this. 4 For indeed when we were with you, we kept telling you in advance that we were going to suffer affliction; aand so it came to pass, as you know. 5 For this reason, awhen I could endure it no longer, I also bsent to find out about your faith, for fear that cthe tempter might have tempted you, and dour labor would be in vain. 6 But now that aTimothy has come to us from you, and has brought us good news of byour faith and love, and that you always cthink kindly of us, longing to see us just as we also long to see you, 7 for this reason, brethren, in all our distress and affliction we were comforted about you through your faith; 8 for now we really live, if you astand firm in the Lord. 9 For awhat thanks can we render to God for you in return for all the joy with which we rejoice before our God on your account, 10 as we anight and day keep praying most earnestly that we may bsee your face, and may ccomplete what is lacking in your faith? 11 aNow may bour God and Father cHimself and Jesus our Lord ddirect our way to you; 12 and may the Lord cause you to increase and aabound in love for one another, and for all people, just as we also do for you; 13 so that He may aestablish your hearts bwithout blame in holiness before cour God and Father at the dcoming of our Lord Jesus ewith all His saints.