1 Oh, give ear, aShepherd of Israel, You who lead bJoseph like a flock; You who care enthroned above the cherubim, shine forth! 2 Before aEphraim and Benjamin and Manasseh, bstir up Your power And come to save us! 3 O God, arestore us And bcause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved. 4 O aLord God of hosts, bHow long will You be angry with the prayer of Your people? 5 You have fed them with the abread of tears, And You have made them to drink tears in large measure. 6 You make us an object of contention ato our neighbors, And our enemies laugh among themselves. 7 O God of hosts, restore us And cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved. 8 You removed a avine from Egypt; You bdrove out the nations and cplanted it. 9 You acleared the ground before it, And it btook deep root and filled the land. 10 The mountains were covered with its shadow, And the cedars of God with its aboughs. 11 It was sending out its branches ato the sea And its shoots to the River. 12 Why have You abroken down its hedges, So that all who pass that way pick its fruit? 13 A boar from the forest aeats it away And whatever moves in the field feeds on it. 14 O God of hosts, aturn again now, we beseech You; bLook down from heaven and see, and take care of this vine, 15 Even the ashoot which Your right hand has planted, And on the son whom You have strengthened for Yourself. 16 It is aburned with fire, it is cut down; They perish at the brebuke of Your countenance. 17 Let aYour hand be upon the man of Your right hand, Upon the son of man whom You bmade strong for Yourself. 18 Then we shall not aturn back from You; bRevive us, and we will call upon Your name. 19 O Lord God of hosts, arestore us; Cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.